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Pillars of Freedom

This Gemini nominee, broadcast in Canada by TVO, tells the continuing story of two young dragons in a land called Moltonia, a place where most fundamental freedoms have disappeared and apathy abounds. That is until Spirit and Imm decide to challenge “the system”.

Befuddled by restrictions that are place upon them that deny them their basic rights to be dragons, ( they are not allowed to breath fire or to fly, for examples), they discover that this was not always so. Once dragons enjoyed a host of Charter rights that were enshrined in magic pillars but through inattention, these pillars, and the rights they represented, disappeared.

One by one, through their actions, the rights are restored to Moltonia. Series one focuses on elections as a prime vehicle for change. Pillars of Freedom is intended for children, ages 6 to 9. (But since their release, we have waived all age restrictions.)

Season One puts a new government in power in Moltonia. In Season Two, the newly elected representatives have to learn how to govern. In Season Three, the new democracy in Moltonia will face it most serious challenges.

Co-produced with Smiley Guy Studios for TVOntario, season 2 is currently in production.

Pillars of Freedom Season 1