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North Paws - A Dog-u-mentary!

Yellowknife is the drop off point for dogs that are rescued from harm in the Northwest Territories. Without adequate facilities to manage the flow of dogs that arrive there from communities throughout the north, the SPCA, in particular is strained to the limit. 

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This film looks at the roles that dogs have played in the north and how those roles have changed as the north has changed under influences from the south. People and dogs are victims of these changes and communities are being called upon to take charge of their destinies, or risk being swept under the carpets of a boom economy.

But how to do it?

A very positive example is emerging in Yellowknife. This experience needed to be recorded and celebrated. Nexus Media Inc. has been supported by iChannel and the Pet Network to do just that. North Paws is the story of how a small group of people can make a huge difference. The film seeks to improve an understanding between the north and the south. We hope the film will be a part of an improved future for dogs and people who are at risk if the status quo does not change.