A one-hour TV documentary exploring Canadian connections to emerging democracies. What do we bring to the "process of building democracies overseas? What do we mean by the term "democracy"? How does the world rate our own democracy? When we assist emerging democracies, do we get something in return?

Our working title for what became Exporting Democracy?, was Who is Driving the Cab?. As we head out to countries around the world to help them build their democracies, it can be like getting into a cab. We know where we want to go, but getting there is not just a matter of being able to pick up the tab. It often involves a careful, cross-linguistic explanation.. a subtle art of negotiation and becomes more of a partnership than a backseat order. And like building democracy, though we want to arrive at a safer and fairer world, sometimes the shortest route is not the best route.

As we narrowed our research, we changed the title to Exporting Democracy and then finally settled on Exporting Democracy?, with the question mark. For the real question emerged, Can you export democracy or does it have to come from within. We explore the question in three very different countries, Tanzania, Indonesia and Ukraine. This documentary has been broadcast by Vision TV in a shorten version( 45 minutes) and will be released as a feature documentary by iChannel and SCN in 2012.

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