Executive Summary

Nexus Media Inc. began in 1999 with the intention of producing international documentaries that would resonate with Canadians. Then, as now, our preference was to have a limited production capacity so that we could work with freelancers who were the best in their fields. We have always been open to partners who are like-minded. Looking backward, that approach has served us well. It allowed us maximum flexibility in a very rapidly changing production and distribution community. It allowed us to venture into unchartered territory with confidence.

Flexible. We worked with young adults in Eskasoni, helping them to use media to explore and address health issues. We provided consulting services to McGill University to faciliate a development project in Indonesia. We partnered with Queens University to assist with a democracy-building project in Kiev.

Experienced. With our three decades of production experience, today much of our time is spent on the production of long-form television documentaries. Our work has been broadcast in Canada by CBC, Vision TV, Access Alberta, SCN, TVO, and iChannel. Our most recent release is Exporting Democracy? which has been broadcast in Canada on Vision TV, iChannel and SCN.

Creative. With an award from the Canadian Studies Directorate, we developed a concept for the children’s series, Pillars of Freedom, to introduce young Canadians to the ideas behind our democracy. With Pillars we formed a partnership with Smiley Guy Studios in Toronto and to date we have produced two seasons of shows and are planning a third. Pillars, Season 1, was nominated for a Gemini.

Our niche. With few exceptions, we focus our attention and resources on democracy promotion and civics education. We produced the feature television documentary, Exporting Democracy? , and we are developing a sequel, Troubles with Democracy. We have developed Season3 of Pillars of Freedom. But what is most exciting is the possibility of working with new partners and new technologies to improve the quality of engagement in our democracy at all levels of society.

Previous corporate clients include:

Maritime Tel and Tel NS Tractors and Equipment Ltd. Waterfront Development Corporation
McGill University City of Halifax National Film Board Correctional Services Worlds in Motion Queens University Central Trust

Some production credits include:

People of the Reefs Pillars of Freedom Not by Choice (NFB) Sea Venture Alana Guru in the Arctic Exporting Democracy?

A Report from Costa Rica


City of Halifax (Tourism) McGill University Queens University Worlds in Motion Halifax Herald

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